Tuesday, 25 March 2008


I am totally destroying the 16's at the moment, the main improvement in my game is my in the money play, over the first hundred games or so i was cashing around 50% which is great however my wins were the same as my 3rd place finishes, over 350 games (i wish i had kept records earlier) i have won 25% which is obv huge. Although I dont particularly enjoy 12 tabling the turbo's the money which is coming in is very nice indeed, I have had a good look online at PC's and fancy getting a nice set up with a 24" monitor. As long as I keep my discipline I'm pretty confident that i can make 10% ROI and so enough money to buy it at the end of April. We will see!

I also played a little $50NL yesterday, 4 tables playing very aggro in position and only top 5 hands OOP, I enjoyed it a great deal and picked up a couple of buy ins without much trouble. I wont be doing this on a regular basis however its nice to have a break from the turbos to play some real poker (25c/50c lol). When i'm going for the 1000 sng's in April i dont expect I will have time however I definitely want to return to cash in May.

Thats all for now, i'm foooked!

Sunday, 23 March 2008


At the moment poker is going quite well for me, I'm making ok money, slowly increasing my bankroll. I am certain that I can have a great April if I play 1000 sng's. The only problem is the grind, its really tough to play sng after sng like a robot. My main motivation at this stage is money, I am trying to win enough money to buy a new desktop PC with huge monitor as well as increasing my roll so I can return to cash and $100NL.

A few short weeks ago I had $60 in Pokerstars and poker was going badly, now i have amassed over $1300 and although this is great I dont feel I can be happy until i have invested in something tangible and moved away from the turbo's. I dont enjoy them the same way I enjoy playing cash or tournies and although the steady money is good I dont think i can move up the levels and make major money at them as my heart isnt in it, for me the sngs are a means to an end.

The last couple of days I have watched a few cardrunners videos and feel that cash is definitely the place I want to be, I enjoy the higher level thinking and skill required to play cash which you just dont get when you are 12 tabling turbo tables, anybody can make money playing turbos with the right instruction cash is a different beast and I am highly motivated to beat the game.

For now though, turbo's it is, I'm currently running at 12% ROI over around 300 games which is quite pleasing, I think it is possible to run better than this however it takes alot of work, something which i'm not really looking to do!!! In around a week I am going to take my run at 1000 sng's which I will cover in this blog, as mentioned I hope to win enough money for me to increase my roll and buy a new PC, I will be getting a 24 inch monitor if i run at 10% ROI in april so that will keep me going when the depression sets in! I also hope to get enough FPP points on stars for me to get a nice ipod, so cant complain too much. Just hope the good form continues!!

GL at the tables.

EDIT - Thanks for the comments last time, I will probably be in touch Tam when i start my quest!!!

EDIT x2 - Just finished for the weekend and after this latest 4 batches of 12 I have picked up around 27 buyin's to the good!! God i love turbos...lol

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Steady Away

Have played a total of 84 sng's over the last two days, total profit of $195 most of that was made over the first 24 games the last 60 have been tough but thats the way its going to be playing turbo tournies. At one point i was down 7 buy ins which isnt huge but confirms that at some point unless i keep more online i will go busto and have to re-deposit. For the time being i'm happy with my online/offline roll but might have to re-assess things later on!

Thats all for now short but sweet.

Monday, 17 March 2008

2 excellent sessions!

Got in from work at half five and thought I would get in a couple of cheeky sessions before the missus gets home, pretty pleasing 24 games, 6 wins, 2 seconds and 3 thirds for a total profit of $183. The sng's are so good when things go for you but are heart breaking when they go badly. I feel that i'm improving with more and more games under my belt however havent kept any records since my return to the turbo tables, until now! What a good time to start taking note of the results, they dont really mean anything until I record over 1000 games but still its nice to see the healthy figures I have started on.

I had a pretty poor sunday all in all, i played around 6 sessions and ended up breaking even, it was quite frustrating at times however it is bound to happen from time to time just nice to have a frustrating day without losing money! My aim for this week is to play at least 2 sessions per day with a huge weekend of poker to try and boost my BR, I am still only keeping 20x buy in's online with the rest of my roll in a savings a/c, not looking forward to the day I have to re-deposit as it is bound to happen at some point however for the time being the savings account is growing nicely ready for the dark day of 20x buy in downswing!!

Anyway time for my tea, gl at the tables!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Long day!

I have played 108 turbo SnG's today and I feel mentally drained! I played 2 x 12 tables of 6.50's then 7 x 12 tables of the 16's, it has been a profitable day however at times i thought i was going to bust my stars account! I ended up collecting $180 profit for my efforts which is about what i'd expect. I am quite pleased with my game at the moment, and think that in april if i do try to play 1000 sngs i can do it for a nice profit, the more I play the better I get at avoiding tilt after horrible beats, it is just far too expensive to bust off 3 or 4 tables after a bad beat.

One thing i'm getting better at is playing my big pp's early in the game, when blinds are low if you 5x preflop you still end up with 3 players seeing the flop, so its important when you miss/are obv behind to get away from the hand something which in the past was costing me a few dollars. I am also open folding AQ in the first two levels from UTG to UTG +3, its just a horrible hand to play post flop OOP and isnt really worth picking up a few chips with anyway.

A few other adjustments have also helped however they are standard lines and not really worth posting! I think i am going to play the 16's during peak times as weekend play in these is so much softer than during the week. Its funny to think that some crazy yanks/scandies play the low stakes sng's for a living playing 20 tables at a time. During the week they are easy to spot however at weekends because the traffic is so high its easy to avoid the high volume winners. have run into so many players at the 16's with 15% ROI and they are just eating into my profit so no benefit in going up against them.

Finally i am still only leaving a small balance in my stars account and taking the rest out and sticking it in a dedicated 'poker' account so that if i do tilt i dont do my bollocks! 20x buy ins for the 16's if i lose 20x buy ins then i will reload later rather than carrying on trying to turn things round on the same day! GL me.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Lesson Learnt...

Dont play when tired.

Played 2 sessions last night and dropped $100+, pretty stupid as after a couple of suck outs which are standard when playing turbos i went silly and donked off a good few sngs when still in with a shout of cashing. I was really annoyed with myself last night.

I returned tonight like a man on a mission and picked up $60 over 2 sessions, played v.solid, consistency is key with the turbo's no doubt about it, in future when tired i wont be playing its such a daft thing to do!

Leeds Utd. Jesus i dont know what is going on with my team at the moment, we looked clueless for much of the game and I really doubt we can go up playing the way we are, i just dont know why we are so shit. One of the best squads in the league, ah well maybe things will turn around over the next few games, i hope so.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Just lost $5 over 24 games! It might not seem the end of the world however after putting in two 12 table sessions i really need to be picking up a few dollars, I guess this kind of thing will happen to me alot when playing the turbos and I'm not really complaining, this is the only losing session i have had since returning to the turbos other than drawing a complete blank in a session the other day dropping 12xbuy ins. That was mainly due to me being tired and donking off the last 6 tournies after 3 bad beats but again i wont bore you with them!

Today has been a terrible day at work however I am about to head off to the leeds game which should be a good laugh, plus got a day of meetings tomorrow which may seem like hell to most but i enjoy them, good to catch up with all my team mates from around yorkshire!

Although today has been shit, i have spent some time dreaming up new challenges for myself, and the one i think i am going to go with is set for April, I need have $800 in my account and if i do i'm going to play 1000 SNG's at the $16 level in one month! This might seem pretty low for the serious multi tablers out there however i have a full time job and therefore only have limited table hours!

I hope that i can win enough over the next few weeks to be able to take on the challenge, if i dont I may consider playing 6.50's however dont think it is really worth the effort at such a low level. We shall see, anyway off now to see leeds give a hiding to Cheltenham!!